Weekly Mil-Tech Update

China is making headlines again this week with what appears to be another “stealth” fighter.  The JH-7  as it is known, has been revealed across the internet.  China just made public of its recent J-20 stealth fighter/bomber in January of this year.  The pictures that have surfaced of the JH-7 are likely fake and superimposed.   This picture says it all, just look at the rivets.  Nice try though.

Things are already beginning to heat up this summer in South East Asia.  China is warning other nations to stay away from the Spratly Islands.  Oil reserves are believed to exist, and with the islands being claimed by several nations, there are going to be heads bumping over the real estate for a while.  Vietnam and China are exchanging words over the islands, and with Vietnam just confirming the purchase of Kilo class submarines, as well as Su-30’s and SAMs, they now pose a challenge to the PLAN.

This weeks updates;

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Homegrown Radar to Boost India’s Air Defenses

F-16 talks between Romania, U.S. “complicated

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AFRL Eyes Hybrid UAV Power

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Shape Shifting Ship

Lockheed system proves its worth

Georgia reveals Didgori mine-protected vehicles

Anzac Frigate Modernisation Reaches Final Milestones

Royal Thai Navy frigates to get data-links for communication with Gripens

Beechcraft Reconnaissance Planes for Egypt

Vietnam procures Kilo class subs

Vietnam Confirms Kilo Sub Buy at Shangri-La

Varyag + China’s blue water ambitions

French Navy chief: Britain, France should have training carrier

PARSing Statements: Malaysia’s New Wheeled APCs

Testers Find Limitations For Global Hawk

Rafale Upgrade Ready in 2012

F-35 strikes trillion-dollar mark for maintenance bills

The Secret History of Boeing’s Killer Drone

Washington may approve RoCAF F-16A/B upgrades soon

Australia tweaks destroyer production

Australia to buy AMRAAMs for Super Hornet fleet

Vietnam orders more Su-30's

Vietnam buying more Su-30s, SAMs

Russian Arms Sellers Exude Optimism

Army begins mobile phone experiments

Elbit Systems to Supply a Latin-American Country with Hermes(R) 900 UAS

New Truck Blasts Missiles From The Sky — Then Targets The Shooter

Luftwaffe Heron 1 Fully Operational In Afghanistan

China, Russia Could Make U.S. Stealth Tech Obsolete

New Delhi Approves $4.1 Billion C-17 Procurement

Seoul Sees Growing Need For Fighters

Northrop Showcases Firebird and Other Emerging ISR Solutions

US Army tests experimental solar generator in Djibouti

Dassault keen to sell Rafale to Malaysia

French are pushing the Rafale hard on Malaysia

Arms Sales And Corruption

DoD’s “Terminator” future: Humans vs machines

BAE Supplies USMC Transparent Armored Gun Shields

Turkey close to concluding deal on six CH-47Fs

BAE Systems, Dassault Name Joint UAV Effort

The RQ-4 Global Hawk’s Continuing Woes

First flight for Airbus Military’s AEW&C C-295

The UK’s “joint strike frigate”

VIDEOS: A slightly fuzzy look inside Boeing’s next-gen fighter design

Debates Over Lithium-ion Batteries in Submarines

New battery design could give electric vehicles a jolt

Innocon gets Asian MicroFalcon order

USASOC Reveals FNH-USA Mk20 Plan

Artists interpretation of JH-7

Nuclear-Capable Missile Test Successful: India

India inducts upgraded AN-32RE into service

Kongsberg’s New NSM/JSM Anti-Ship & Strike Missile

NKorea test-launched short-range missile last week

Boeing Sees Big Special-Mission 737 Market

France zeroes in on lightweight weapon for Rafale

GPS Stations Can Detect Clandestine Nuclear Tests

Yet Another Chinese Stealth Fighter

MBDA Qualifies the New Naval Version of the Marte MK2 Missile

Combat Aircraft: Future Navy Radar Jammer Could Do More than Jam Radars

Have Guns, Will Upgrade: The M109A6 Paladin PIM Partnership

China Unveils New Armored Vehicle Family

China unveils its new armored fighting vehicle