Weekly Mil-Tech Update

This past week the Paris Air Show was allowing defense companies the opportunity to show off their newest toys.  Several links show some of the stories that rose out of the event.

I mentioned in last weeks update how a MiG-29KUB crashed on testing in Russia, before it was scheduled to be delivered to the Indian Navy.  It apparently has forced the Indians to currently halt orders for more Russian aircraft.  If they would have taken the time to do their homework on the MiG-29’s withering performance over the last decade, they would not be in this situation.

Keep an eye on Thailand as their air force will become one of the best in the region.


Paris Air Show 2011: Completion of Saker Eye mini UAV on the horizon

Super Tucano was in Paris


Paris Air Show 2011: Tekever completes work on Light Ray mini UAV

Paris Air Show 2011: AT-6 and Super Tucano in dogfight over LAAR

Paris Air Show 2011: New modular multi-level air-defence system from Israel

Paris Air Show 2011: Gallic MINDS aid top-to-bottom ISR exploitation

Paris 2011: Raytheon Reveals Hyperspectral sensor for MQ-1 Predator UAV

U.S. Senator to block vote of deputy secretary of state unless Taiwan’s F-16s are approved

PARS 3 LR Competes for Two Indian Attack Helicopter Programs

Is J-15 a game changer?

Sometimes China Steals What It Needs

New Zealand: The Government is putting up for tender 16 mothballed Aermacchi jet trainer aircraft

U.S. Navy JSFs Resume Flight Ops After Glitch

High-Tech Weapon Makers Set Sights on ‘Smart Microgrid’ Market

New Robots Planned for Bomb Disposal Teams

Army About to Release ‘Request for Information’ for a New Unmanned Helicopter

Poland May Join Mobile Anti-Missile System, Finmeccanica Says

New Bird of Prey Hunts Somali Terrorists: Raven Drones

Raven drones active in Somalia


Morocco wants to purchase eight AN/MPQ-64F1 radars

US Army, Navy Look At Joint VTOL UAV Program

SS-NX-30 Bulava Tests to Resume This Week

UAE buying five UH-60M VIP helicopters

First NH90 NFH Helicopter Delivered to Italian Navy

Report: Boeing projects $300M overrun on tankers

Guns, Grenades and iPads for Singapore Soldiers

Crowd-Driven Combat Support Vehicle Prototype Completed in 98 Days

Iran test fires long-range missiles capable of striking Israel, U.S. bases

Filipino military upgrades against threats

New U.S. Spy Sat: Fast, Cheap, and Just Good Enough to Launch

Sikorsky to explore unmanned role for Black Hawk

Thai Gripen Force Grows

Thai Gripen force grows


Northrop Demos STARLite Radar on a Army Persistent Threat Detection System

China’s carrier: ‘A highly vulnerable extravagance’

Taiwan upgrades fighter jets

No More Nimrods

Russia successfully tests new nuclear missile

Iran says it showed Russia downed US drones

Indian navy considering Northrop’s MQ-4C BAMS

First Moroccan F-16 pilots to complete training in Arizona

India requests Mk54 torpedoes for P-8Is

MiG Crash in Russia Freezes Further Indian Buys

India questions MiG purchase after crash


Leaked Audit: Boeing Overcharged Army Up to 177,000 Percent on Helicopter Spare Parts

Elbit orders Gabbiano radars for Hermes UAVs

Taiwan supersonic missile test flops

Pictures of Chinese ‘Xiang Long’ UAV

Russia to showcase new stealth corvette at IMDS-2011

HBC and ATK to Demonstrate Weapons System

Turkey expected to buy six F-35s this year

Another chance for DDG 1000?

ESC BAZ Introduces Ambush Kits for Hand-Held EO Binoculars

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