The NBA Hates the 1st Amendment

Well, maybe not in it’s in entirety.  In 1996, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf was suspended for a game for refusing to stand and respect the nation that pays him, but he compromised with the NBA and was eventually allowed to sit during the national anthem, for it went against his “beliefs.”  The United States is un-Islamic, however the NBA is not.

Recently, players are being fined for their use of specific “slurs”.  Not for telling another opponents mother “to burn in hell” (G rated version), but something deemed more offensive.  During the NBA finals this week, Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah was fined $50,000 for a remark towards a harassing fan.  In April of this year, LA Laker Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for making a similar remark towards an NBA official.  Outside the NBA, in the world of Major League Baseball, Ozzie Guillen, Manager of the Chicago White Sox, was fined in 2006 for a similar slur.

All three of these men were fined for making “anti-gay” slurs.  Does that make all three of these men venomously homophobic?  Looking at the price they are having to pay, one may think so.  They may have gone wrong in their choice of words, but truly, they went wrong when allowing their emotions to override their moral focus.  In Noah’s case, there was likely an intoxicated fan heckling him the entire game.  Normally that would not bother him, but he was upset with his performance and like any normal human, he reached a breaking point and lashed back with words of his own.  Kobe, who was upset with the referee’s call, feeling it was wrong and making his performance substandard, lashed out with words of derogation.  Guillen, upset with what a local sports writer had to say, lashed out in frustration with that word.

The word, which seems to be replacing ethnic and cussing slurs, becomes forbidden from print.  It hides in mystery, making those who seek what Noah said for instance, a top auto suggestive search when typing his name in on Google.  I have taken notice of this campaign to rid the world of this apparent “anti-gay” infection about a month ago when I saw a NBA commercial pressing “think B4 you speak.”  I actually had to rewind it to make sure what I was hearing was matching up with what I saw.  Even in playground basketball with friends, commenting on someone’s goofy antics with the laughing response, “that’s gay”, is an attack on all gay people.  Then it slams you.  “Where have all of your morals and sensitivity gone?  You are such a terrible person.”  Lets not worry about what a pick up game of KKK members looks or worse, sounds like.  That word isn’t as campaign worthy or marketable anymore apparently.

The NBA has a new and extremely profitable opponent now from what we can see.  Are they really seeing the world through black and white, with no gray area?  Methinks that the gray area has been replaced with a greenish tint.  The NBA knows these men used that word in a degrading way specifically targeted to that individual and not in a anti-gay communal bashing.  “Noah and Bryant, NBA players by the day, gay seeking lynch mob by night.”  That is the reception they are going to receive from the gay community now that they have been portrayed in this light.

Their responses and choice of word’s come from the ‘heat of the moment’ so to say, an adrenaline rush of raw emotion and passion.  Did they suspect their targets of being homosexual prior to the event?  They just couldn’t take it any longer and finally let all the anti-gay rage out?  No.  The word, in today’s standard does not entirely target gays.  It has evolved into a degrading word on the same level as “stupid, idiot, loser, cretin, ect.” or a combination of all the above.  It has become very versatile.

The NBA will succeed in ridding the game of that word and all other “anti-gay” remarks.  But they won’t rid it by a means of granting a moral high ground in the players minds, but through excessive fines.  If you are going to campaign so hard against one topic, why not all other derogatory terms, especially since these cases were not attacks on gay’s specifically.

In 20 years, will it be the norm to turn your back to the American flag during the national anthem due to “sensitivity” issues?  Will the league be banned of all derogatory terms?  Will it decrease the level of intensity some players perform with?  Will it be more appealing if instead of lashing out in vitriolic comments, you are reduced to just making loud grunting and animal noises?  Technical fouls will surely increase seeing as how any sort of bodily response to a bad call in today’s league gets you slammed with one.

Moral of the story, next time a fan harasses you, tell him to “f*ck off!”  C’mon, “Think B4 you speak.”


The Word, is “fag


“It takes a village to raise a child”

World's largets altar boy

Came across an article on the Oklahoma City Thunders’ big man Kendrick Perkins.  It was printed in March but with his team currently battling the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA Playoffs, I found it an interesting read on the ‘scowling’ center.  A true story of perseverance.

Mersey Tigers Win BBL Championship

While sitting back at work watching the live statcast between my former Sheffield Sharks and the Mersey Tigers of Liverpool battle it out on the hardwood, I couldn’t help but feel proud for both sides.  Though my allegiance leaned toward the Sharks, the Tigers appeared to control the game from the start.  The stars of the show for both sides were former teammates and are friends of mine.  After spending an entire season with a good group of dudes and players, you want to see them do well.


Mersey Tigers BBL Champs