War on Terror Update; bin Laden codename was “Cakebread”

More details from the bin Laden raid.  As it was reported that the Seal team referred to Osama as “Geronimo,” the codename he was given by the CIA was “Cakebread.”

  • President Obama wanted to wait until DNA Results Came Back on OBL Before Telling the World of His Death
  • Bin Laden’s code name: Cakebread
  • The code name for his Abbottabad compound: AC-1…
  • CIA Director Panetta’s last call to Special Forces: “Go in and find bin Laden, and if he’s not there, get the hell out”
  • The breed of the SEAL dog – a Belgian Malinois

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War on Terror Update; Lockheed Martin Drones and Mexican Cartel Tanks

Upset with the consistent and relentless pressure US drone strikes are putting on Islamic insurgents, they came up with a plan to show their sign of protest; kill the head of Lockheed Martin, Robert Stevens.

A Pakistani-based branch of Al-Qaeda was hatching a plot to kill the head of US defense group Lockheed Martin, self-confessed terrorist David Coleman Headley testified in a US court Tuesday.

The planned assassination was in retaliation for the Lockheed Martin-made drones, Headley testified during the Chicago trial of his childhood friend, Tahawwur Hussain Rana.

Headley pleaded guilty to 12 terrorism charges related to the deadly 2008 Mumbai attacks and other unrealized plots in the wake of his 2009 arrest in Chicago.

He is testifying against alleged co-conspirator Rana in exchange for avoiding the death penalty and extradition to India, Pakistan or Denmark.

Headley testified that he secretly used Rana’s office computer for research on the plot to assassinate the Lockheed Martin executive but dismissed his brief online search there as insignificant.

“My research is more in-depth than Googling someone a couple of times,” he testified during cross-examination by Rana’s defense attorney.

Headley said he was working on the plot with Ilyas Kashmiri, the commander of the Pakistani-based terrorist organization Harakat-ul-Jihad al-Islami (HUJI), and a senior member of Al-Qaeda.

Headley pleaded guilty to working with Kashmiri on a plot to attack the Danish newspaper Jyllen Posten, which published controversial cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, after Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) got distracted with the Mumbai plot.

A spokeswoman for Lockheed Martin declined to comment on whether the group had been informed of the alleged plot or taken any additional measures to protect Robert Stevens, who has been chief executive officer since 2004.

More far-fetched than anything, but brings to the surface how effective the drone strikes are and how important a role they play in the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda.  They are frustrated with them.

Down south of the US border in Mexico, police have uncovered not a narco sub, but a narco tank.  This is the second vehicle of it’s type uncovered in the last 30 days.  The previous vehicle was heavily armored with gun ports on the side.  The problem with the first one was the tires were left exposed, and gunfire eventually immobilized it.  The creativity and dedication the cartels are showing is a sign they are willing to go to great lengths

First Subs, now tanks

to secure the drug trade.  So far, the homemade tanks have only been used on rival drug gangs, but police must be prepared to take one on eventually.  Police are also cracking down on inventory checks for their guns and weapons.  It is to make sure corrupt officers are not selling assault rifles to the cartels.  It’s only heating up down south.

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Middle East Unrest Update


Yemeni warplanes carry out airstrikes on a southern town seized by hundreds of Islamic militants over the weekend as the political crisis surrounding the embattled president descends into more bloodshed. Military units loyal to him mount a fierce assault on the southern city of Taiz, which has been a hotbed of anti-government protests since the start of the uprising in early February. A doctor at a field hospital set up in the city’s main protest camp said at least 20 demonstrators were killed. President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has clung to power despite months of daily protests, defections by key allies and international pressure to go, has repeatedly warned that Islamic militants and al-Qaida would seize control of the country if he steps down. At the same time, he has intensified a crackdown on protesters.



Residents use automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades to repel advancing government troops in central Syria Monday, putting up a fierce fight for the first time in their two-month old revolt against President Bashar Assad’s autocratic regime. The armed resistance adds a new element to an already blurry situation and raises the possibility that the popular uprising that had so far taken the form of peaceful protests by unarmed demonstrators may escalate into a Libya-style armed conflict. Authorites claim dozens of soldiers and security officers have been killed during the 10-week protest. The death toll among demonstrators has topped 1,000.



Moammar Gadhafi is ready for a truce to stop the fighting in his country, visiting South African president says after meeting the Libyan ruler, but he lists familiar Gadhafi conditions that have scuttled previous cease-fire efforts. The South African president. Jacob Zuma, says Gadhafi is ready to accept an African Union initiative for a cease-fire that would stop all hostilities, including NATO airstrikes in support of rebel forces. “He is ready to implement the road map,” Zuma says, and Gadhafi insists that “all Libyan be given a chance tp talk among themselves” to determine the country’s future. He does not say Gadhafi is ready to step down, which is the central demand of the rebels. Five Libyan army generals who defected from Moammar Gadhafi’s regime are appealing to fellow officers to join them in backing the rebels.



A prominent Egyptian activist says he has been summoned for questioning by the country’s military rulers over comments criticizing their human rights record. Hossam el-Hamalawy, 33, says he was asked to appear before military prosecutors a day later over his remarks on a popular television program. On the program Thursday, el-Hamalawy said the head of the military police was responsible for reported human rights abuses. He says the TV presenter, Reem Maged, was also summoned for questioning. El-Hamalawy is among the best-known activists and bloggers in Egypt in recent years. He has kept a record of alleged human rights abuses by authorities. He was among the public faces of the popular revolution that forced former President Hosni Mubarak to step down on Feb.11.


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Aviation Historian Walter Boyne on the Stealth Black Hawk

Walter Boyne feels that a added kit on to the Black Hawk should come to no surprise.  The founder of Air and Space magazine believes everyone has misinterpreted what really was involved.  Here is his view on the helicopter’s used in the bin Laden raid.

Walter Boyne happened to release a book called ” How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare” about the same time that Osama bin Laden was exposed rather harshly to the reality of the book’s title.


Pakistani Officers Taught to Hate the United States

If relations couldn’t be more strained with our “ally” in the war on terror and Al-Qaeda, more tales of deceit keep flowing steadily out.  This time again, from a leaked cable discussing Pakistan’s teachings at high level military classes.  Apparently top commanders are teaching the usual conspiracy theories we can’t escape from, always involving Israel as the typical red herring.  The United States and Israel are trying to undermine Pakistan ect.  “In contrast to criticism of the U.S., students and instructors were adamant in their approval of all things Chinese,” the cable said.  No surprise there.

I’ve been reading vitriolic rants by anonymous posters on discussion forums bashing the ISI and Pakistan for the past 4 years saying they were our enemy.  The tower of evidence leans in their favor.

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“Stealth” Helicopter Remains Back in the US

The crashed remains of the secret helicopter that was used in the Osama bin Laden raid on May 2nd is back in the United States today.  From that time until now, it is only a mystery to what happened to the wreckage while it was in Pakistani hands.  The questions remain whether parts of the aircraft that made it so silent and low radar observability were given over to foreign nations such as China.  From Marine Col. Dave Lapan;

“we have no indication it was examined by anyone else,” but acknowledged there was no way to be sure whether Pakistani or other analysts hadn’t at least inspected the battered tail section, special rotor or its other components.

War on Terror Update: Mullah Omar on the Run


Afghan intelligence services believe the leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar, is on the run and moved from his safe haven in Pakistan.  He may fear his hideaway location has become compromised after the bin Laden raid.

Since the May 2 killing of bin Laden, a number of insurgents have made approaches to the Afghan government, a senior security official told the Daily Telegraph.

“They are bringing reports that the ISI now has divided thinking on Mullah Omar. Some want to protect him and some want to hand him over. He has been told to move house several times since the bin Laden raid,” he said.

An Afghan power broker with links to the Taliban in southern Afghanistan, said the movement was “expecting some important losses”.

“They fear that a few heads will be cut off. I heard that some even suggest finding a way to make a political offer.” “The ISI support is fading for them and sooner or later there will be an exchange in the political game,” the power broker said.

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