War on Terror Update:

I have not normally been including the ongoing war on terror in North America, but I feel that it is necessary, since it is a war fought with terrorism and the tactics used by Islamic terrorists.  There is a war going on south of the US border.  Since 2006, over 30,000 people have been killed in Mexico over narco-related terrorism.  That is more than all coalition casualties combined since 2001.  These cartels have proven to be just as ruthless as any Al-Qaeda sympathizer.  Civilians are constantly bullied, murdered, and buried in mass graves.  Police are bribed, politicians are murdered.  It is a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up and is just as important to the stability of the United States as that of Islamic extremism.

Narco-terrorism is as deadly as Islamic extremism

As predicted and as a matter of national security, the DoD is shrugging its shoulders when questioned about the uniquely designed helicopter found at the crash site in Pakistan.  Pakistan is proving it is not responsible enough to possess nuclear weapons.  If their policies are this whacked up, then it would be only a matter of time before an extremist gets his hands on one.  India would probably be their first target, then Europe and America.  You don’t give children loaded handguns.

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War on Terror Update:

Reduced signature attachment shrouds are likely the 'stealth'

A week after the death of bin Laden, we are hearing calls for revenge attacks and that Al-Qaeda claims it will continue the fight.  We are still sorting through the evidence discovered at the compound, and that is only what the government releases to the media.  Pakistan is still protesting the raid and sternly states that they should have been informed of the raid before it took place.  What has been the biggest mystery among all the techno geeks is the ‘stealthy’ helicopter that crashed in the bin Laden operation.  People are insisting that it is a secret technology that renders it invisible on radar and it doesn’t make a sound.  Well as more and more data flows in, it appears its likely nothing too high-tech at all.  The helicopter likely was just equipped with a reduced signature shroud that would keep it much quieter than without.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the cancelled RAH-66 would have been originally equipped with it.  Rumors are surfacing that the tail may be shipped over to China where they will be dancing around to get their little hands on it.

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War on Terror Update:

Al-Qaeda has confirmed that the death of Osama bin Laden is legit and bona fide.  They are going to use his death as an inspiration for others to follow the path of terrorism.  He will now become something of the, “he died for you” area of inspiration.  The crap that is unraveling in Pakistan is as expected.  It is only going to get worse as more evidence shows that people within the Pakistani government aided bin Laden.  The attacks planned on US trains is a sign of our beefed up security is working.  Can’t seem to get those box-cutters through airport security anymore.

ETA terrorists bombed a train in Spain, 2004

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Al-Qaeda Takes Hits Up North

As the success of US forces wiping out Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, up north, in the Caucus mountains, the Russian’s have been busy beavers as well.  Two weeks ago, Yusuf Mohammad a Saudi national on Russian security’s most wanted list, had been receiving money from al-Qaeda since 1999 when he first arrived to the Chechen Republic.  He was using the money to supply guns and financial support for gangsters and break away rebels.  A 12 year thorn in Russia’s side, he was finally tracked down and killed along with 2 other supporters.  The Moscow subway bombing in March and Moscow airport bombing in January, are all part of the ongoing problem out of this region.

"bin Laden" of the north killed this week in Chechnya

A day after the successful raid on bin Laden’s Pakistani compound, the alleged “bin Laden” of the north was gunned down in the Chechen village of Vedeno in the Vedesnk region.  35-year-old Abdullah Kurd was the prominent Al-Qaeda figure in the region.  A Turkish nationalist who moved to the region in 1991, immediately began coordinating foreign rebels in a fight against Russian dominance.  What is interesting about Kurd is that his passport has multiple Pakistani visas on it, making it possible that he was traveling to meet with Osama bin Laden and receiving orders from al-Qaeda’s number one directly.  Kurd’s rapid location and death following the scores of information recovered from bin Laden’s compound could be linked, but there is not enough data to suggest that as of yet.

Taliban’s New Low: Child Suicide Bombers

When I was 12 years old, all I wanted to do was play basketball, hang out with friends, play video games, and play more basketball.  In Afghanistan however, some 12 years old’s are led into market places not to pick up some milk for their mother, but to detonate themselves around as many people as possible. Four dead and 11 wounded later, we find ourselves wondering what the future for Afghan children holds.  The boy, who was only two years old when NATO began combat operations in Afghanistan, has been fed nothing but lies and hate ever since.  Instead of having a father who loves and guides him on the course towards hard work, discipline, and doing the best educationally, this boy was taught how to kill and hate, and that dying is God’s predestination for him.  Brainwashed from such a young age I imagine his thoughts of what faith, hope, and love truly are.  It would be the ultimate gift to his elders, to die for them, for it would truly honor them.  His interpretations at such a young age are easily influenced, like any 12 year old found across the earth.  I picture a boy lost in a world of confusion and irrationality.  I could never hold him responsible for his discourse.

The Taliban are selfish.  It would be no different of the United States if it were to draft 12 year olds, pump their brains with full of false nationalism and place them on the frontline to fight.  The grown men don’t want to do the dying.  It is the opposite of how it works here.  The children are the future here in America.  It is the responsibility of the parents to raise the child properly on basic moral principles. To the Taliban, the future of the children lay in the present.  Blow yourselves up so that I may live, and you may die.  I may now indulge in the spoils of your death.

Maybe Whitney Houston should go on tour in Afghanistan.

War on Terror Update:

With word of a helicopter going down during the operation to capture Osama, I wonder if President Obama began to recall what happened in the Iranian desert during the Carter administration?  That’s why you always have a plan B, and even C.

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K9's Play Key Role in Operation (picture not from Osama mission)

No animals were harmed in the making of this (operation) film.

Pakistan’s Got Some Explaining to Do

No cave dwelling here

We have been hearing these rumors for years now.  If you really followed them, it would come to no surprise that the mass murdering mastermind was hiding away in Pakistan, and in plain sight.  The rumors of Osama bin Laden escaping into Pakistan actually started after Operation Anaconda ended in March of 2002.  It was believed that bin Laden was one, along with other Al-Qaeda officials, who slipped away after the fighting.  Now this story of his original escape into Pakistan as early as 2002 is not backed up by factual data as of now, but it seems that the intelligence based upon this theory is more credible.  Moving up to September 2007, we knew exactly what was going on.  From the NY Daily news:

Bin Laden likely lives in comfy safehouse, intel experts say


Sunday, September 9th 2007, 4:00 AM

WASHINGTON – Osama Bin Laden isn’t hiding in caves. He’s almost certainly living in a cozy compound in Pakistan guarded by a few loyal fanatics, a dozen terror experts and intel officials told the Daily News.

The group of veteran Bin Laden hunters say the cave-dwelling myth is one of many tall tales about the Al Qaeda kingpin, including reports that the renegade Saudi is dying of kidney disease.

Six years after the 9/11 attacks, many Americans don’t understand why he’s so hard to find and kill. Frustrated agents say he skulks across some of the most hostile terrain in the world and that Pakistan refuses to let U.S. troops chase him there.

The futility of efforts to permanently silence Bin Laden was brought home Friday when he released his first video message since 2004, a 26-minute, anti-U.S. diatribe.

In the jagged peaks of the Afghan-Pakistani border, a good Bin Laden hideout typically would be a simple adobe house surrounded by a high mud-brick wall – perfect for defending a monster.

“He’s probably not living in a cave,” said Robert Grenier, the ex-CIA Pakistan station chief who helped topple the Taliban after 9/11 and chased Bin Laden afterward.

“He’s probably living in a fairly comfortable, though Spartan, compound somewhere in northern Pakistan,” Grenier said.

All of those interviewed by The News – including several top intelligence officials with the highest security clearances – agreed.

President Bush and Vice President Cheney long perpetuated the legend that Bin Laden was living in a cave to support their claims the terror mastermind had been neutralized.

“Look, it’s hard to plan, plot and attack if you’re running or hiding in a cave,” Bush said at a GOP fund-raiser last October.

The White House finally stopped using the cave-dwelling myth after that.

Paul Pillar, the CIA’s top counterterrorism analyst until 2005, said, “I think ‘cave’ has become a metaphor.”

Bin Laden is more a ghost than a bat.

After a 1998 missile strike failed to kill him, analysts believed he “never stayed anywhere more than a few days,” Pillar said.

But since he escaped his Tora Bora mountain lair in late 2001, experts say Bin Laden likely has stayed put in a new hideout with a tiny band of die-hard bodyguards, not an army of them.

“He’s probably not moving a lot – if ever,” Grenier said.

“If and when he moves,” a senior U.S. intelligence official told The News, “it’s with a handful of people to keep the footprint small and not attract attention.”

Another myth is that Bin Laden needs constant kidney dialysis, which author Peter Bergen, who first interviewed him in 1997, called “nonsense” last year in his book “The Osama Bin Laden I Know.”

However, Saudi intelligence now thinks Bin Laden is sick with some other ailment, said ex-CIA counterterror chief Vincent Cannistraro.

There also is a consensus that he’s protected by Pakistani tribesmen or government agents in tribal areas and communicates by courier, using “cutouts” who don’t read the message or know its author. Years ago, Al Qaeda No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri “handed out cash to tribal elders” to protect Bin Laden’s thugs, said Robert Pelton, who wrote about the hunt for the pair in the 2006 book “Licensed to Kill.”

Recent fighting in Afghanistan with foreign fighters pushed out of Pakistan suggests Al Qaeda has run out of payoff money, he said.

One of Bin Laden’s likely protectors is famed mujahedeen Jalaluddin Haqqani, a Pashtun ally and Taliban military genius. Haqqani maintains the outer ring of his security while loyal Arabs make up the inner ring, a counterterror agent in Afghanistan told The News.

Everything assumed in the article nearly 4 years ago have been true up until his death.  We know that he was using courier’s to communicate.  We know that he was living in relative comfort, among close family members.  We know that Pakistan was refusing to let US troops into their borders to conduct our own search.  What we don’t know right now is how much Pakistan knew.  All we have right now are our intelligence gatherings, which 4 years ago seemed pretty accurate on the situation.  Pakistani secret service (ISI) has been the topic of scrutiny by the CIA and other US officials for years, for aiding terrorists.  It should come as no mystery as to why the President of Pakistan had no idea about the raid until it was over.  Wonder why?  I’m sure Osama would have quickly slipped away into the dark under close protection of body-guards, once again duping the US.
As the week goes on, Pakistan will be pressed with more questions on what they really knew was going on in the small town just 50 miles north of the capital of Islamabad.  How could the most wanted man on the planet be literally in plain sight?  The town of Abbottabad has a military academy literally a small walk away from where bin Laden was living.  When people are on their roofs drying their laundry, do they never just happen to look down over the walls surrounding the compound noticing Al-Qaeda’s numero uno?  Relations with Pakistan are becoming distant due to the drone attacks.  I predict as more of the bin Laden vacation right under their noses unfolds, relations will not get any warmer.  The question for Pakistan should be, “Who’s side are you on?”