Weekly Mil-Tech Update

This week China has announced that it’s first aircraft carrier, the Shi Lang, will begin testing in July.  They are on schedule still for their target of being fully operational by years end.  This is all coming at a time when Vietnam and China are having disputes over the sovereignty of the Spratley Islands.  Depending on how these July tests go will ultimately determine whether the Shi Lang will be ready or not by 2012.

An MiG-29KUB scheduled for delivery to the Indian Navy crashed this week in Russia, killing both pilots and brings into consideration the legitimacy of the purchase for the Indian Navy.  It was reported in several Eastern European nations that the airframe of the MiG-29 is faulty and does not have the longevity once believed.  The Indian Navy went for the cheaper product, but the KUB upgrade sold them into buying it.  I imagine the Admirals are not pleased.

Army Wants More XM25s in Afghanistan

Army: More XM-25's

Power Down: Senate Zaps Navy’s Superlaser, Railgun

EMALS successfully launches first C-2 Greyhound

Investigation widens as F-22s stay grounded

Saab accuse BAE Systems of bribery in South African Gripen deal

Air Force Embraces Small Satellites As Budget Outlook Grows Dim

U.S. Navy Eyes Submarine-UUV Mix

Efforts Under Way to Harden Unpiloted Aircraft for Contested Airspace

Services Discuss Combining Rivet Joint and EP-3 into an EP-8

Russia orders more helicopter landing ships

 Russia signs contract to buy two Mistral-class BPCs

Military Investigates Killer Drones That Can Fit in Rucksacks

Night Vision Contact Lenses?

Norway Approves First Four F-35As

US Spends $28.1M on Titanium M240L GPMGs

C-130 Maritime Patrol Aircraft for the U.K.?

‘Zulu’ prepares for first operational deployment

Italian aircraft carrier in Libyan mission

A400M for USAF?

HMS Illustrious starts sea trials, now has new anti-torpedo system

Raytheon Re-Introduces 250-Pound Paveway Precision-Guided Munition

British Perseus AS missile said to be on track

RAF Typhoon pilots share Libya experiences

Unafraid But Not Alone

Raytheon Eyes Arsenal of Directed Energy Warheads For Its Missiles

RAND examines feasibility of laser power transmission for UAVs

Raytheon Begins Production of Airborne Hyperspectral Sensor for U.S. Air Force

Perseus, Peril at Sea

PARIS: Pratt & Whitney fixes STOVL problems on F-35B

Radar Revolution

Notes on Next Generation Jammer, GMTI

USMC Expect First F-35B In Service Early 2015

Marines want F-35B by 2015

South Korea looks at Iron Dome

US Military Orders More King Air 350ER Aircraft

RQ-4B Variant Makes Combat Debut Early

Successful Underwater Firing of French Naval Cruise Missile

Report: China plans aircraft carrier test in July

Norway Commits To Four JSF Trainers

DHS’ Sea Scanning Radar-Equipped MQ-9

U.S.: Israeli missile defense system can protect our Mideast bases

France transfers sensitive warship technology to Russia

Perseus, More Than Meets the Eye (with video)

Air Mules FanCrafts Could Be Operational in Four Years

ROK deploys missile that can hit Pyongyang

Zodiac Wins New Contract for 20 Commando RIBs and 4 Air Delivery Systems

Heavy metal vehicles roll out for Soldiers clearing combat environments

Navy Looks to Fry Electronic Eyes With Laser Blasts

Navy wants lasers to combat surveillance

Air Tractor Near Deal For More 802U Orders

PARIS: Alenia launches gunship variant of C-27J

Partners to Get Equal JSF Stealth

Meet the Civvie LEMV

Bell 212 supporting Apache test flight crashed

PARIS: Astrium Space in missile defence push

Paris Air Show Video: Combat

Video Tour of AH-1Z Venom

Missile or UAV? UVision Introduces the WASP

Watchkeeper UAV to make Afghanistan debut in December

Second Mesma AIP Ready for Shipment to Pakistan

The Fire Scout Downed in Libya

US Fire Scout crashed in Libya this week

Turkey launches armed, unmanned helicopter prototype

Raytheon unveils ground-based Evolved SeaSparrow Missile

Building The U.S. Navy’s Taj Mahal

Next-Gen Eurofighter E-Scan Radar to Enter Service in 2015

Spain aims at military-civilian satellites

Greece recovers Mirage 2000BG from bottom of sea

Raytheon Completes Perfect QELTA Tests for USAF

AW159 Wildcat: Britain’s Billion-Pound Future Lynx Helicopter Program

Army builds, tests future network during NIE exercise

Army Holding Anti-Armor Tech in Reserve

Senate Panel Barely Turns Back JSF Threat

"I got one, I got one!" What is it? "A Largemouth Mirage 2000!"


Weekly Mil-Tech Update

This past week we have seen more delays in the F-35.  A Defense official has called the F-35 “completely unaffordable.”  Doesn’t matter the cost, it must be completed and enter service for the US and Allies.  China is continuing to grow its number of missiles aimed at Taiwan despite growing political ties between the two nations.  More of a statement than anything else.  Just letting the Taiwanese know they can wipe them out whenever they want.

Saab will begin testing their “Sea Gripen” in the UK.  Allowing the JAS-39 to operate on aircraft carriers will greatly improve on export sales for the agile and very capable aircraft.  The Gripen has seen action in the on going no-fly zone in Libya.  It’s role however has been restricted to surveillance.

The one concern many US officials are upset with now is the potential “catch up” of stealth technology in the foreign market.  China and Russia have both successfully test flown stealth fighters in the past year.  However, these aircraft are extremely difficult to design and by the time China and Russia enter their new stealth fighters into service, the US will already be onto something better, but that gap is closing quicker than anticipated.

Top Stories of the Week, enjoy;

Sea Gripen to begin testing in the UK

Pakistan Awaits 50 Jets Made With China: Minister: link

F-35 now ‘unaffordable’: Defense official: link

Senators Ask For JSF Alternatives: link

F-35 may be dropped as Japan’s next fighter: link

F-22 upgrade is over budget and behind schedule: link

The Ten Barreled CIWS of China’s Aircraft Carrier: link

China successfully develops new-generation air-to-air missile: link

China develops its own domestic AtoA missile without foreign assistance

USMC gunship: Bad guys run, good guys weep: link

China ‘To Target 1,800 Missiles at Taiwan In 2012’: link

Teeny-Tiny Drone Fires Teeny-Tiny Missile (Gulp): link

Marine Corps Special Operators: We Need Jack-of-all-Trades Tactical Vehicles link

Beastly Drone Sub Is Underwater Predator: link

German Anti-Tank Missile Tested for India: link

Britain spends $5 billion on Trident: link

Next-Generation Air Defense: No Hits and All Misses: link

First set of EMALS components delivered to CVN 78: link

Air Force Wants Satellites Smart Enough to Fly Themselves: link

Tejas LCA Enters Key Test Phase: link

Morocco to buy Sidewinder: link

Military Infrared Sensor That Ferrets Out Suicide Vests Offered to Local Law Enforcement: link

HART On-Demand Intelligence System Proves Value To Warfighters Ahead of Theater Deployment: link

BAE Systems Wins Contracts to Maintain Typhoon’s Front-Line Capability: link

Russia Tests Missile Amid War of Words With U.S.: link

USAF eyes A-10 for communications jamming role: link

Smartphones-for-Soldiers Campaign Hits Wall as Army Experiences Growing Pains: link

Israel focuses on Korean, Italian jets: link

South Korea’s KT-1 trainers set for Peru: link

VIDEO & PICTURES: F-35’s 1st airshow fly-over: link

Focused Lethality: The Mk82 QRC Program: link

Astra successfully test-fired for second day: link

Taiwan renews bid to buy subs, F-16s from US: link

Open Technology Development (OTD): link

Czechs Choose, Cancel, Then Come Back to Pandur II APCs: link

Czech's choose Pandur ll APC

India Accelerates Fighter Deal: link

Iran’s revolutionary guards get new missiles: link

North Korea and Iran’s missile power: link

Monday Image Porn: Marines KC-130J Harvest Hawk: link

CAMM On Path To Replace Seawolf: link

Stratospheric UAV Payloads Provide New Ways to Chase Al Qaeda: link

Cirit missile, main armament for T129 attack helicopter: link

Ethiopia buys unmanned aerial vehicles from BlueBird: link

Northrop Grumman to Develop New Micro Gyro Technology for DARPA: link

Iranian Silo-Based Missiles: Coming soon to a Bolivarian Republic near You: link

Army Testing Battlephones This Summer: link

Pioneer platform soars to battlefield success: link

Iraq says ready to buy Czech-made combat fighter jets: link

Uganda buys fighter jets: link

Israel to switch Hawks for David’s Sling: link

Saab to complete Sea Gripen design work in UK: link

Aeronautics wins export approval for unmanned Dominator: link

Airbus Military announces AEW&C aircraft: link

More delays in Brazil jet fighter deal: link

India’s Multi-billion Dollar Scorpene Sub Contract: link

Rivals unite for Israeli jets: link

Bulava missile finally getting itself together

The Coming Summer of Bulava: link

Pentagon weapons buyer quietly visits California to discuss bomber planes: link

Supreme Court Overturns A-12 Ruling Against Contractors: link

Navy Chief Dreams of Laser Warships, Ocean-Spanning Robots: link

China, Russia Erode U.S. Stealth Technology Lead: link

A heavy duty LCS for foreign navies. Maybe.: link

Lusty at sea: link

U.S. Military May Deploy F-35 Before Formal IOC: link

Scavenger UAS could be first to use Selex sensor concept: link

Photo: RSAFs new SPYDER-SR: link

PICTURE: First glimpse of Russian Searcher II UAS: link

First Lockheed Martin Advanced Block 50 F-16 Unveiled For Turkish Air Force: link

Aeronautics reveals work on jet-powered UAS: link

UN report: Iran secretly working on nuclear arms: link

SOCOM Looking for Smart Phone Radios: link

Paging Chris Anderson: Darpa Wants DIY Drones: link

Lockheed Martin reveals F-35 to feature nanocomposite structures: link

Experts discuss future long-range strike bomber requirements: link

Raytheon deploys MALD from C-130: link

The big birds keep on flying: link

New China Missile Unit Near Taiwan: Spy Chief: link

DoD fights HASC on competing bomber engines: link

Indonesia To Buy 16 S. Korean T-50 Trainers: link

MBDA Completes Successful PARS-3LR Missiles Test Series: link

US secretly helped French nuclear program: documents: link

Italian aircraft carrier Cavour fired Aster missiles: link

Italian Cavour active in Libyan campaign

Senior Defense Official Caught Hedging on U.S. Involvement in Stuxnet: link

Lockheed Network Suffers Major Disruption: Reuters: link

Lockheed Martin may re-engine T-50 for T-X competition: link

Raytheon Receives $20 Million Order to Provide Encrypted Identification Technology: link

Senator: Broad Support for F-16 Sales to Taiwan: link

General Atomics Joins CAE to Offer Predator B UAS to Canada: link

Russia’s “new” secret ballistic missile – a solid-fueled Sineva?: link

Spies, Meet Shakespeare: Intel Geeks Build Metaphor Motherlode: link

Israel to upgrade older C-130s: link

USAF Wants New CSAR Birds in Service By 2017: link

U.S. to help Israel buy four more Iron Dome anti-missile systems: link

Upgraded Leopard 2 MBT set for firing trials: link