Weekly Mil-Tech Update:

Busy week here in the world of military technology.  An oxygen problem grounds F-22’s.  China still making headlines this week with more videos of their J-20 whizzing around.  Their carrier, the Shi Lang, is still on schedule to hit the water by years end.  Their drone capability is more noise than anything at this point.  Nice try, I would still buy Israeli though.

Precision mortar’s are going to change some routines for the Taliban this summer.  Link it up with target aquasition radar, which will locate directly where enemy fire is coming from, and you’ll raze some landscape, and raise the body count.

The aging F-15 is still wooing the crowds at airshows.  In Moscow, the Russians did not allow their new PAK-FA to fly, leaving the American bird to the spoils.  The T-50 is listed to fly later this summer in August.

Precision mortars will cause high casualties for insurgents this summer

Phantom Ray first flight video: link 

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Taiwan to Deploy Supersonic Missile on Warships: link 

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F-15E somehow steals Moscow air show from PAK-FA: link 

China rejected North Korea’s request for JH-7, C-801 and C-802: link 

China Tests Helicopter Drone: link 

Taiwan estimates Varyag to be operational after 2015: link 

Mistral talks stumble over sensitive technology: link 

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Israel’s F-35s could be delivered in 2018:link 

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Israel to invest $1 billion in Iron Dome: report: link 

Military Wants to Read Satellite Info by Playing Dance Dance Revolution: link 

First F-35A formally delivered: link 

Delivery of long-delayed spy planes to start next year: link

Sbirs Executes First LAE Burn: link 

‘Green bullet’ as effective as M855 round consistently?: link 

General Dynamics demonstrates tactical version of 120mm Roll-Controlled Guided Mortar: link 

Precision Mortars Maturing in Combat: link 

Britain Orders Dual Mode Brimstone Missiles: link 

Army Outfitting Afghans with Russian Helos: link 

Iran gets another nuclear fuel batch from Russia: report: link 

Stuxnet, Wikileaks and the militarisation of the Internet: link 

PICTURES: UAE receives first C-17 transport: link 

Finnish Defense Forces Criticise Sisu Vehicle Quality: link 

South Africa Ordering Umkhonto Mk.2 Air Defense Missiles: link 

Turkey gets approval to buy six C-130Es from Saudi Arabia: link 

Army producing enhanced Stryker with double-V hull:link 

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Special Ops Looking for New UAVs: link 

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Qatar nears Gozcu mini UAV deal: link 

Weekly Mil-Tech Update.

New Helmet to Improve Soldier’s Safety.

Images of China’s New Carrier-Based J-15 Surface.

Apaches Get Ground Fire Detection System.

Iran Arms Hovercrafts.

NG Begins Testing New Multi-Function Active Sensor.

Raytheon Wins Artillery Shell Deal.  Energy Weapons Arm Ships.

 Russia Successfully Test Launches Ballistic Missile.

Raytheon Awarded Contract for Patriot Missile Upgrades.

New Army Lakota Helicopters Loaded with Gear.

SAAB Wins Order for New AT-4 Upgrade.

Researchers Create Invisibility Cloak.

Indonesia Launches Fast Missile Boat.

Rafael Develops “Silver Sparrow” Missile.

Iran: What's Next? Missile Motorcycles?