Weekly Mil-Tech Update

This week we have seen the US Defense department finally publicly acknowledge the serious threat of cyber-attacks.  It is now an act of war to hack into US government bureau’s.  This is going to be the future of modern warfare.  Instead of sending a bomb to knock out enemy power grids, you hack them.  From what we can gather with what has happened in Iran’s nuclear power progress, it is possible that the Stuxnet virus was a case of cyber-warfare in the 1st degree, and so far successful in at least temporarily delaying those maniacs.  China has developed a team of cyber-warriors.  They claim that it is for defensive purposes.

Russian military helicopters are still making headlines with orders rising.  As I mentioned in a previous article about the rise in foreign and domestic orders, I did not mention the Ka-60/62.  Interesting design coming from Kamov, who is renowned for their coaxial rotor design.  The Ka-60 takes on the conventional approach.

Development of the new Kamov Ka-60/62 medium twin helicopter — the first Kamov non-coaxial rotor aircraft — is gaining momentum through military orders and government subsidies.

Russian Helicopters, the holding company for the country’s rotorcraft industry and Kamov’s parent company, is simultaneously preparing both the Ka-60 military transport and the Ka-62 civil version. The latter has a maximum takeoff weight of 6,500 kg (14,300 lb.) and can carry 12-15 passengers at 290 kph (180 mph) speed over a range of 750 km (460 mi.).

The development of this type started in the late 1980s, and the initial prototype made its first flight in 1998. Capable of carrying up to a 2,500-kg payload, the Ka-60/62 was designed to fill a niche between the Ka-226 light twin and medium-class Ka-32 and Mil Mi-8/17 helicopters.


Never a slow week in the world of military technology, always trying to figure out a better way to kill each other.  Enjoy;


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