War on Terror Update:

I have not normally been including the ongoing war on terror in North America, but I feel that it is necessary, since it is a war fought with terrorism and the tactics used by Islamic terrorists.  There is a war going on south of the US border.  Since 2006, over 30,000 people have been killed in Mexico over narco-related terrorism.  That is more than all coalition casualties combined since 2001.  These cartels have proven to be just as ruthless as any Al-Qaeda sympathizer.  Civilians are constantly bullied, murdered, and buried in mass graves.  Police are bribed, politicians are murdered.  It is a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up and is just as important to the stability of the United States as that of Islamic extremism.

Narco-terrorism is as deadly as Islamic extremism

As predicted and as a matter of national security, the DoD is shrugging its shoulders when questioned about the uniquely designed helicopter found at the crash site in Pakistan.  Pakistan is proving it is not responsible enough to possess nuclear weapons.  If their policies are this whacked up, then it would be only a matter of time before an extremist gets his hands on one.  India would probably be their first target, then Europe and America.  You don’t give children loaded handguns.

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War on Terror Update:

Reduced signature attachment shrouds are likely the 'stealth'

A week after the death of bin Laden, we are hearing calls for revenge attacks and that Al-Qaeda claims it will continue the fight.  We are still sorting through the evidence discovered at the compound, and that is only what the government releases to the media.  Pakistan is still protesting the raid and sternly states that they should have been informed of the raid before it took place.  What has been the biggest mystery among all the techno geeks is the ‘stealthy’ helicopter that crashed in the bin Laden operation.  People are insisting that it is a secret technology that renders it invisible on radar and it doesn’t make a sound.  Well as more and more data flows in, it appears its likely nothing too high-tech at all.  The helicopter likely was just equipped with a reduced signature shroud that would keep it much quieter than without.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the cancelled RAH-66 would have been originally equipped with it.  Rumors are surfacing that the tail may be shipped over to China where they will be dancing around to get their little hands on it.

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Weekly Mil-Tech Update:

The globe’s rotation only seems to have sped up this week given all the activity.  The Iranians are boasting a new radar for their aging F-14 Tomcat fighters.  I think their main concern for that aging bird is to make sure it can even fly.  The US Army wants computers to function like a human brain.  Good luck, that technology is probably a 100 years away.  As of now, our unmanned UAV’s can’t tell the difference between a tank and a house in terms of self striking capability.  Russia is beginning to test its SU-35S fighter jet.  What it lacks in stealth, it will make up for in maneuverability and price.  Will definitely be a competitor on the market against American and other European designs in the future.  Sikorsky’s whisper-flapcopter have been successfully tested in the lab.  Could that have been somehow linked to the “stealth” helicopter the US Navy used in the operation to kill bin Laden?

SU-35S began flight tests in Russia this week

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War on Terror Update:

Some believe it was a "stealth" helicopter used in the operation

What? Stealth Blackhawk helicopters?  This seems to have overshadowed the possibility of Pakistan intentionally sheltering the worlds most wanted man.  How stealthy could these be?  From my first observation of the tail wreckage, it looks as if there is a type of  “silencer” on the rotor.  This would ensure 4 incoming choppers would not be heard inbound, especially echoing off the hillsides.   Maybe it was parts of the cancelled RAH-66 helicopter installed onto it.  Just speculations at this point, but interesting stuff.  It was certainly something that had to be destroyed in order to protect its secrecy.

Khaled al-Qahtani calls it quits

A top terrorist in Saudi Arabia has surrendered in the wake of the bin Laden raid.  Khaled al-Qahtani called from abroad and turned himself in.  Is Al-Qaeda falling apart?  It is believed he is part of the Yemeni of Al-Qaeda, a hotbed of extremists.

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Screw the pictures of Osama’s corpse anyways, I wish the helmet cam of the SEAL who shot Osama could be released.